Guests: $250

Arq Members: $200

Arq’s Progressive Team Members: $150

Arq’s Competitive Team Members: $100

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Youth Competitive Training Camp
August 12-14, 2019

Throughout the competitive year, athletes submerse themselves into a “competition state of mind”.  This requires a lot of physical and mental fortitude.  And for the upcoming season, we’d like to prepare these young athletes with the tools needed to compete at their best.  We’ve lined up specific sessions that will cover the physical and mental aspects needed to compete.  General conditioning through to sport specific strength training, mixed in with mental training and of course lots of climbing (bouldering and roped).  We’ll also be including a day outside, climbing in the sun, yoga for mobility, and even some fun time excursions.

We want to outfit athletes with specific skills, allowing them to gain even more confidence.  With various coaches and their respected styles of teaching, we’ll be able to focus on the kids; outlining goals, and how to achieve them.  This 3 day program will be a great way to lead into the upcoming season.

Each day will be filled with sessions of strength and mental, focusing on general fitness as a base leading into sport specific training.  (Details coming soon for specific sessions for each day)

Physical Training

• Boot camp conditioning
• Power & Strength training
• Movement skills
• Rope and boulder competition
• Yoga sessions
• Gymnastics session
(Further details coming soon)

Mental Training

• Route analyzing (video)
• Mental Toughness training
• Strategy planning
• Route setting clinic
(Further details coming soon)