Specific training can lead you to new levels in your climbing.  Whether with technical skills, movement related, strength and endurance, or having the confidence to mentally push past barriers, we can guide you through detailed steps to find the success you’re looking for.

With specific training, we offer meticulous programs from beginner to advanced, or for competitive athletes looking to step into or grow within the competition world. We’ll assess your climbing and create a personalized program for you that will build (on) your foundation, so you can get stronger, faster and, most importantly, stay injury-free.

Program is 1-3 months in length (depending on goals)

Each session is 4 weeks long and meets twice per week. We’ve created this structure because having focused, goal oriented training/climbing sessions at least twice per week is needed in order to progress and maintain motivation.

Each session is 90 minutes long and will have an optional additional 30 min workout guided by the instructors.


  • Baseline assessment
  • One two coached sessions per week with individualized training program for 2-3 additional days per week.
  • Final assessment

Cost: $200/person/month (non members $250/month)
Duration: 90 minutes/session with optional 30 extra minutes

Arq members receive 15% discount on private instruction