When you walk through the front door, our staff, they’re excited to see you.  For every person in the building, our goal is to give you the best experience.  Whether “showing you the ropes”, making you a coffee, or simply talking “shop”, we want to hang out with you. Customer service is the utmost of importance to us, so that you have the best time at Arq.  Whatever you need, we’re here for you.

Gordon McArthur:
Owner/Director/Coach/Redbull Fanatic

Fraser Bowden:
The Doc/Owner

Felicity Jones:
Mother Hen/Facility Manager/Programming Coordinator

Eric Hsiung:
The Creator-Head Setter/Coach/Awesome Staff

Dominica Brown:
Front Desk Wizard/
The Herbivore

Katarine Lonergan:
Summer Camp Extraordinaire/
Salt Water Taffy Addict

Esther Bowden:
Kids Programming Genius/
Soup Enthusiast

Colby Holt:
Programming Staff & Coach & Setter/the Big Man

Naomi Hall:
Day Camp Aficionado

Ezra Bowden:
Programming Helper/
Big Muscles… and a brain.

Thomas Ney:
Lead Peon

Austin Butler:
Setter/Pack Mule

Kayla McArthur:
The Future