Personal Training – Ashley

“I started training myself back in high school, its always something thats played an important part within my life. I always knew that I wanted to help people and I’ve always enjoyed being around others, but after firefighting school and paramedics and many many years in customer service, I knew I had to find a different route.  Personal training gives me the opportunity to teach people a healthy lifestyle and an outlet to learn to love themselves and their journeys the whole way not just the end goal.”

Ashley offers individual sessions, as well as multiple consecutive sessions, to help individuals achieve their goal. So whether you’re looking to train for the next Strongman, Spartan Race – or additional training to supplement your climbing – she will work with you to develop a personalized plan that is perfect for you and your goals.

To book, please contact Ashley at 250.421.3430 or email

Private Instruction

Private instruction is offered towards whatever you want to improve on. Whether route climbing, refining technical skills, or bouldering, we can help you gain confidence to reach your goals. Our knowledgeable team of instructors are outfitted with the experience needed to provide direction, and to simply support your expectations.

Cost: $50/hr/person

Arq members receive 15% discount on private instruction