This is a climbing anchor you could come across climbing outside… and we can help you with the skills required to have a safe and fun experience.

The skills needed to go outside…

Taking your skills from inside to outside is very exciting.  We live in the mountains, and so it makes perfect sense to experience climbing in the great outdoors.  But with this kind of adventure comes a new level of responsibility.  Climbing requires a certain level of respect in order to have a safe and fun experience (outdoors).  We’d love to teach the skills needed so that you have the confidence to be outside, and remain safe.  Skills like awareness of your surroundings, proper communication, rope skills (management, safety), lead climbing and top rope climbing, anchor building and “breaking down an anchor”, gear management, and so much more.  This class will give you everything you need to go outside and be awesome.

  • Tuesday, April 16th
  • 6:30-9:30PM
  • Ages 14+
  • Cost:
    • Arq Members (EFT & Annual Pre-Paid): $55/person
    • Non-Members: $85/person