“Arq is the place for community; to inspire movement.”

Inside Arq

Welcome to Arq.  Inside our facility, we’ve got a few things going on.  Firstly, we’re a climbing gym.  We love all things climbing, and hope to share our passion for climbing with you.  Our staff are fully integrated with Arq, climbing, safety, and fitted with top rated customer service.  No matter your plans/goals/ for participating in Arq, we’re here to provide you with the best experience possible. Beyond climbing, our kids zone, fitness area, front entrance, studio, all of it has been well planned so that navigating through Arq is a piece of cake.  Whether 3 years old, learning to “move”, 45 years old wanting to move more/differently, or anywhere in between trying to move better, you have options, fun options…and Arq is the best option for you.  Based on striving for a social setting, Arq is the place for community; to inspire movement.

Inside Arq, our climbing is broken up into several areas. Our main climbing area is in the pit, with heights of up to 40ft. This area is outfitted with lead climbs and top-roped climbs. Next is our bouldering area, which is approx. 70ft long, and up to 14ft high, providing many different angles for all levels of climbing. As well, upstairs we have a moonboard to push your training to the next level. On the main floor of our facility, we have specific programming walls for instructional lessons, so that minimal space is taken from regular members. Moving into our kids area, we have super fun climbing walls geared towards kids who want to have fun. The walls are designs and built by Walltopia, the world’s leading wall manufacturers.
Having safe, reliable flooring is a must for preventative injury. We rely on Flashed Flooring Systems to provide Arq with the best quality flooring so that your experience at Arq, whilst climbing, is a good one. Whether in our bouldering area, roped climbing area, and even into the kids area, our flooring standard is at the top.
Route setting is one of the most important aspects of any gym. Having quality routes, with consistent change-over is priority at Arq. Our route-setters have years of experience on real rock and inside of gyms, so you can bet to see creative, fun styles of route setting. Every month, Arq will also feature a guest route-setter, so that you get to experience other styles of setting found at gyms around the country.
Our dedicated kids zone was designed for just that: kids. The entire space is geared towards movement, outfitted with fun climbing walls, a playground, specific area for toddlers, and of course…a place for parents to sit, to relax, to take a load off. It’s awesome from end to end.

And as an added bonus – it’s right where our coffee bar is. So come for your kids, stay for yourself.

We’ve created a fitness area specific to growing and/or learning as an athlete, as an every-day person wanting to get “fitter”. We’re not the standard “Gold’s gym”, but what we are is trained, goal driven people that love to move, and teach others about the movement we love so much. Specific to climbing, a little, but more so…a generalized focus on being better at movement that you can adapt to what it is you love. For finger training, we’ve got hangboards, campus rungs, etc. For strength – weights, kettle bells, pull up bars, etc. For cardio, rowers, bikes, treadmills, ellipticals.
Our Studio is fitted for various things. Yoga, class work, corporate meetings, birthday parties, you name it, this room can do it. Geared towards being auxiliary, it is just that…the do anything space. Namely, we’ve created this room as a space for more fitness oriented activities. Whether with a personal trainer, or our guest massage therapists/chiropractor, wellness was certainly a focus in this area of Arq.
While you’re at Arq, we want to make sure you’re staying fed, and hydrated. With Hot Shots Cafe and their amazing skills with food, you’ll be able to put out lots of energy and eat great food at the same time, or…sit back, relax, and enjoy a nice snack while taking in the view of what’s inside Arq. Located in our front entrance area, our cooler will be filled with various items such as salads, wraps, fruit, vegetables, deserts, muffins, drinks, etc. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. And if there’s something we don’t have, let us know…and we’ll get it…just for you.
Supported by High Country Sports, our retail area is outfitted with the brands that represent the outdoors. Arc’teryx, Prana, Petzl, Scarpa, So iLL, Black Diamond, Sterling, to name a few. Showcased at Arq, we’ve merchandised opportunity; a place to purchase the goods you need, to use while trying hard. As a member of Arq, you’re entitled to 10% off all goods at Arq.
Throughout Arq you’ll notice our staff wearing the “staff shirts”. They do this because they want you to know that they’re ready to assist you in any way. They want to stand out. They’ve trained and readied themselves to be the best they can for you, so that you feel awesome. Specifically, they’ve gone through the steps to ensure their knowledge of the facility-whether climbing specific, the general scene, with personal training, etc. If you have a question, need a belay, or just feel like talking about the latest crusher in the climbing world…they can do that…all of it in fact.

Our goal is to serve you as best as we can…so that you’re experience at Arq is top dollar…every time you’re here.