Brands in Arq

Overview of Arq

Living in one of the most beautiful places in B.C. – mountains encompassing our every-day lives, having an active lifestyle is pretty much a must.  Our goal IS to add to this lifestyle; by providing an alternative form of exercise that allows for growth in the community, a healthier way of living, and opportunity for outside adventure.

Gordon and Becky McArthur, Fraser and Amy Bowden, AND the Shortridge family (Ryan and Lorelle), along with ALL their kids, welcome you to Arq Mountain Centre. It is a facility featuring state of the art climbing walls designed and built by Walltopia, a fun zone with a crazy awesome playground, dedicated toddler area, and climbing walls built for youth to have fun, designed by Atomic Playgrounds, a fitness area, yoga studio, wellness centre, retail and café. It’s built for community, for the social aspect, for the love of climbing, and most importantly…it’s built for your entire family.  The goal at ARQ is to provide you with the best customer service possible, so that you have a great experience…every time.

The history of the project

The idea was always there, but it needed the right amount of time, energy, and support from the right people to all come together.  And now, what was once a dream, has become a reality, for us and the community of Cranbrook.

Sitting at the round table was a group of enthusiasts, all staring down the barrel of a dream.  We all believed that it was possible, but we also knew that it would mean moving mountains to reach such a lofty idea.  But the cool part was that despite knowing the high efforts needed to move forward, everyone was in support of and ready for action.

Over the years the project went through several phases that brought it close to becoming real.  But, certain things kept getting in the way, logistical blockades kept preventing forward momentum.   But despite the setbacks, the project kept coming back, something new would come into place, bringing it closer and closer.  And as a dear friend once said, “don’t worry, something awesome is coming…that’s bigger and better than you could have ever dreamed of.”

Many years later, since that round table sat together, our dream, our goals, the excitement and efforts, they all lead to what is now Arq…the reality of a climbing gym coming to fruition. Amy Toyota, Aaron Hanson, Travis and Candice Norrie, Hunter Corrigal, and Gordon and Becky Mcarthur (the original round table), Arq would like to thank you…for everything.

Arq would also like to thank the following people and businesses:

  • Jon Chaney
  • Gerald Kent
  • Eldorado Walls
  • Living Stones Developments
  • New Dawn Developments
  • Connect Church
  • Alex McLeod
  • High Country Sports


One of Arq’s main goals is partnership in the community.  Cranbrook is such an amazing place to live, surrounded by endless opportunities, and we want to grow together – with you and alongside of you – so that everyone can experience why it is that we love this place so much.

Specifically, within Arq, our food is provided by Hot Shots Café.  Hot Shots has built their reputation for its unique café style menus as well as creative coffees, all put together with great customer service and a social setting that keeps you coming back…every day.  We love this, and are excited to feature them in Arq.

For many years, Cranbrook and visitors have relied on High Country Sports for specific outdoor gear, information, and the social ability to share adventures. It’s the cornerstone for what you need to be in the mountains, for seeking adventure, for travel, and the casual wear needed to strut about in your every-day routine.  From the early stages of planning this project, through to it becoming a real thing, High Country has supported it in every way they could.  And now, you’ll recognize their presence in our retail area by the brands they carry, fitting perfectly with our mission – to provide you with what you need to have an awesome time at Arq.

A project of this stature requires a substantial amount of $$.  We did our best to bring forth what we had, but still needed help.  And that’s where Community Futures came in.  When we showed them the project, right away they lit up with excitement about all its potential.  From there, going through the specific steps, they came to us with smiles and support for what we needed.