Check out this video, created by Petzl, on belaying

Welcome to Arq

Arq features several different climbing areas, all of which designed to accommodate varying levels of experience and ability.  Everyone is welcome.  No experience? Awesome, we can’t wait to share climbing with you.  We’re excited to show you around the facility and answer any questions you might have.  Below is a few points that may be of use for your first visit:

If you’re looking to spend time at Arq, we have various options to suit your needs. Starting with day passes through to monthly memberships, priced to accommodate, simply visit our pricing pages and decide what option is best for you.

Fill out a waiver, online, in advance to get climbing faster.

There’s two basic levels to Arq: Brand new to climbing, and already a climber. Here’s some information to help get you started when visiting Arq…

Whether experienced or not, your first step will be to fill out a waiver. You can do so online (coming soon) or upon arrival. Once the paper work has been sorted, this is where we get into the good stuff.

New Climber

As a new climber (to Arq), you’ll be give the option to either boulder, take our “Welcome to Arq” course, climb with a certified belayer (top rope), or ask to test for certain certifications (top rope belay or lead belay/lead climb). Once we’ve determined your “path”, we let you loose into Arq’s facility. We recommend wearing some sort of active wear/active shoes (like you’d wear in a fitness gym), as your climbing experience will be a little more comfortable. And if you have an extra 5 minutes, we’d love to take you around Arq and introduce you to what’s “inside”.

Already a Climber

If you’re already a climber, firstly…you still need to fill out a waiver. Once done (online or upon visit), you can fill us in on what you’d like to do. We have 2 specific courses available to give you more insight with top rope climbing and lead climbing (which would certify you to belay in both), or you can simply test to be quickly certified and get on your merry way (please note, participants must pass test to receive certification). Info for such courses and testing can be found on our “instruction page” . For the first 5-10 mins of your first visit, we’ll give you the quick “run around” of the facility, just making you aware of the sights, sounds, and hazards of Arq. Then, we welcome you to spend as much time as Arq as you want. Enjoy.

Arq’s levels of instruction allow you to gain the confidence you need to climb safely, and have a great time while doing so. Each level is specifically designed for you to learn the skills needed for proper practice in climbing (indoors).

Welcome to Arq: $65/person or for a family/group (3 or more) $55/person
Arq Level 1-Top Rope Climbing: $40/person or for a family/group (3 or more) $35/person
Arq Level 2-Lead Climbing: $80/person or for a family/group (3 or more) $70/person
Belay Testing: Top Rope-$10/person, Lead 30-60 mins $15/person

Our certifications are pass or fail. The staff that will be testing will not offer coaching. Re-tests are available for $10. If participants need further instruction, classes are available upon request. You must be at least 14 years old to belay (top-rope & lead).

*all instruction is discounted when you’re an ARQ Member

Birthday Parties

First thing’s first: Birthday parties are awesome, and Arq is the place to have the best party. In our dedicated kids area, we’ve got a playground and specific, fun walls for kids who have tons of energy. Our rates for a birthday party – Up to 8 participants $150, 9-15 participants $200. Parties must be booked 1 week in advance.

Group Nights

Arq’s goal is to provide a social setting all the while experiencing an alternative form of exercise. We’re going to be offering a specific night for just the ladies, where you and your friends can come out and enjoy eachother’s company, without the pressure of all the “dudes” staring at you. Itching to have a night away without kids? We’ve got something for you too – a date night, where you can drop your kids off at the fun zone, go and climb, work out, take a yoga class…care free (for 2hrs). And speaking of kids, we’ve got a great night planned for them too: Kids night. An evening (before bedtime) filled with action packed fun.

Our specific group nights are for just that…fun. Check out our group pages for more information and sign up for the night that suits you best. We look forward to seeing you.

We want you to have the best experience possible, so…we’ve put together some of the best gear out there, for you to use, in Arq. Brands like Petzl (rope, harnesses, helmets, belay devices), Scarpa (shoes), So iLL (shoes, chalk/chalk bags), this kind of lineup is sure to help you have an awesome time, confidence in the gear, and likely help you climb even harder 😉

Rental Package: $15

Harness-$5, Shoes-$6, Belay Device-$4, Chalk-$3
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