All participants need to fill out a waiver and bring a government issued photo identification. The waiver is the most important piece of information. Minors must have a minor’s waiver filled out by a parent or legal guardian. Legal guardians must bring proof of their guardianship.

Go ahead, save some time, and complete the waiver online here

Belaying is a term taken from sailing meaning to “hold fast”. In the climbing world, it means to manage a rope for a climber using a dynamic friction device. At Arq, we allow the use of tube belay devices and Gri Gris. Regarding devices, we know there’s a lot out there, so, at the very least, we require current manufacturer standard for the use of belay devices. If you’d like to learn how to belay (at Arq), see our instruction courses “Levels of the Arq” for more info.
Having previous experience may provide more options, but certainly is not necessary. Arq will have auto belays in place and bouldering; both of which do not require the use of ropes and/or belaying. If you’d like to gain more experience, we have classes designed to teach you proper rope skills, allowing further opportunity at Arq.
For top-rope and lead belaying, we require a minimum age of 14 years old. Both are subject to completing the specific tests required. Exceptions are subject to ARQ Director’s Approval and specific programming.
That’s great! We do require an Arq belay certification which can happen anytime during our business hours.
Don’t worry, Arq has you covered. We have a full rental fleet, providing you everything you need to have a great experience. For info on our rental pricing, visit the “First Visit” page.
Parents are responsible for their child’s safety. We do not recommend this and are not responsible for watching your child. (Certain programs and groups will provide child/Arq interaction without parent supervision, but that’s subject to availability).

Youth (ages 7-13) must be accompanied by a student or adult & kids (ages 1-6) must be accompanied by an adult

Our punch passes do not expire, and yes, you can share your punch pass with whomever you like.
Arq’s rates vary depending on your specific needs. If you visit our “Day Rates” page (under pricing) or our “Memberships” page (under pricing), you’ll find everything you need there.