Arq’s team building workshops include a balance of climbing and problem-solving activities that foster team growth.

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to both our workshops and our team building philosophy. Arq’s Team building Workshops include a balance of climbing and problem-solving activities that foster team growth. New climbers discover the thrill of working closely with their partners to reach mutual goals. Our workshops provide opportunities to explore these partnerships in a fun environment.

Teams that work well together have effective interpersonal relationships within. Our workshops provide an exciting way for teammates to learn about each other. Understanding where your colleague’s comfort zones lie, how he/she likes to communicate, and understand what sort of support he/she needs, can be challenging. Climbing is a powerful way to explore these dynamics.

Teams that work efficiently need to keep each individual’s abilities and needs in mind. As the session unfolds, teammates will apply their growing knowledge to novel problems the group must solve. As the team gains confidence, we’ll work both in larger groups and to solve more complex problems.

• 2hr workshop – $50/person
• Includes rentals

What makes our workshops so popular is our ability to design a program that meets your group’s needs. Our clients have a variety of goals and desires. Whether you are interested in an exciting afternoon away from the office to have fun together, or a multi-day program that addresses specific needs in your team, we can work with you to meet your goals.
Whether you are planning a reward for a job well done, or an icebreaker for new hires, or just out to celebrate a holiday…wanting an active party, we can work with you to design a fun and inclusive staff party.

• 2hr party – $35/person (with staff member to belay)
• Includes rentals

Our studio offers space for your company to meet, greet, and talk logistics.  It provides the room you need to discuss “work stuff” before and/or after your time with Arq.  Let us know if you need use of the studio. If you’d like space for a party, to eat and enjoy snacks or cake, this is the perfect room for just that.

Let us know if you’d like usage of the studio for your booked time at Arq

If you’d like to book time at Arq for your staff party or team building session, please try to do so a week in advance.  We want to make sure your time at Arq is awesome, so we want to be fully prepared for you.