“My son participated in the summer camp program and loved it. Everyday he climbed higher and everyday he had more stories about the fun he had. Thanks to Zoe for putting on an amazing camp and hope to be back next year!”

Other School Programs

Homeschooling Groups: Arq has been working with homeschooling groups to find the best fit for the kids! Whether it is to learn a specific skill or to put in their fitness hours, Arq will work with you to create the best program for your kids. Contact us to get a program started!

Bring your class to Arq! Every grade is welcome at Arq.  Whether grade 1 or grade 12; through our CLIMB program, we have developed sessions that are fun and interactive.  For more information, check out our CLIMb page.

During & After School Programming

Our youth programs offer climbing, activities and games from the ages of 3-5, and grades 1 to 7+ .  Designed for both beginner and more advanced climbers, our programs cover a variety of topics such as: exploring the surroundings of a climbing gym, discovering movement on roped and bouldering walls, and climbing etiquette and technique.  We have a class for the littlest climbers –Dynostars, school-aged kids–Base Camp, High Altitude, and Summit,  so that we can offer youth the opportunity to learn, grow, and progress in climbing, becoming more confident and/or capable of moving towards higher ground!  Programs are designed to accommodate new and returning (seasoned) youth. 


**Sign up for winter programs before December 21st, 2018, and save 10%! Use the code “EARLYBIRDWINTER2019” during your checkout!**

This introductory class is focused on being active, having fun and of course, gaining a love for climbing from the ground up. Small class sizes give your youngster additional support as they prepare for a future in climbing and tackling new adventures. Arq’s vision for all Dynostar’s participants is to shape a foundation of movement for climbing and other physical pursuits. This 4 week program isn’t just for your child ¬—every week we have something planned for you too! Week 1 is a yoga class, week 2 – get fit class, week 3 – yoga class, and week 4 – coffee on us, in a social setting. Our goal in this program is for the kids to have a great time, as well as you too!

$65/month (4 week program)


sessions begin every 4 weeks

Grow your child’s confidence and climbing ability while they play, laugh and become fast friends in this eight-week, after-school climbing adventure. This club is brimming with fun-filled activities tailored specifically to improve self-esteem, social skills and kinesthetic development while also introducing safety skills. No experience necessary!

Arq Members (EFT & Annual Pre-Paid): $175
Non-Members: $225
*intruction does not include gear, and may be rented and paid for in your booking, or on a per-lesson basis*


next session begins September 11/12

Help your child develop their way up “the mountain”. Participants will learn rope and knot skills, movement and problem-solving techniques, and some basic fitness knowledge, all in a fun and super social environment. If this isn’t their first time, don’t worry; more experienced youth will be challenged with advanced climbing techniques training in a fun, engaging style that keeps climbers reaching for their climbing potential. These participants gain a knowledge of climbing beyond the basics that will allow them to make climbing a lifelong sport.

Arq Members (EFT & Annual Pre-Paid): $175
Non-Members: $225
*intruction does not include gear, and may be rented and paid for in your booking, or on a per-lesson basis*


next session begins September 11/12

Summit gives participants the opportunity to climb with Arq instructors in a fun and challenging environment. They will learn the technical skills of belaying and tying into the rope, as well as movement and problem-solving skills needed in top rope climbing and bouldering. Coached in a light-hearted, non-competitive environment, Summit allows entry level climbers to gain confidence and focus while learning to recognize and understand valuable climbing techniques and skills. Experienced? Perfect, we adapt the program for the climbers executing climbing techniques at a higher level. Coaches introduce advanced climbing techniques and training in a fun and engaging style that keeps climbers reaching their potential.

Arq Members (EFT & Annual Pre-Paid): $70/month ($35 for December)
Non-Members: $80/month ($40 for December)

If you’re siging up for all of session 1 (14 weeks, beginning week of September 12 and ending week of December 12) you will receive a discounted rate totalling $215 (members) or $250 (non-members), saving yourself over 10%!


next session begins September 11

Started by teen girls that wanted to climb, train, and get stronger. Designed for middle and high school ages. It’s
social, fun, and just for girls.

ARQ Members: $190
Non-Members: $235


next session begins September 12

School Break Camps – DAY CAMPS

Our Day Camps run throughout the winter, spring, and summer holidays! There are full-day and half-day options for our courageous campers! Youth can choose to bring their own lunch and snacks, or purchase some snacks at Arq (bringing own lunch is highly recommended). Your kids will enjoy climbing, slack lining, games, and much more!

Drop your loved ones off for:

  • morning (9AM-12:30PM)
  • afternoon (12:30-4PM)
  • full day (9AM-4PM)

Sibling discount: apply the code “SIBLINGDAY” in your online booking to receive 25% off the total cost (meaning the second sibling is only half price!)

If you’re wanting to book a week-long camp over the winter/spring/summer holidays, please contact our Front Desk Staff so they can give you the best deal possible!


EFT/Annual Pre-Paid Members: $35 ($20 for half day)
Non-Members (including Punch Card Holders and Monthly Pre-Paid): $40 ($25 for half day)

WEEK LONG (when applicable – please check with us for dates)
EFT/Annual Pre-Paid Members: $75 ($40 for the half day)
Non-Members (including Punch Card Holders and Monthly Pre-Paid): $90 ($60 for half day)

No climbing experience necessary.

Reserve your spot!