Arq Climbing Team: Train, learn, prepare, commit. 

Arq’s goal with its team is to teach participants the skills required in competitive climbing.  The team is designed to introduce and refine decision making (under pressure), to create goal oriented structure, and to grow athletes into responsible, motivated, committed climbers.  

For the 2017-2018 climbing season, open practice will be held on TUESDAY, September 5. This open practice is designed to assess skills, to find the best fit for you/your child, and to get a taste of what the upcoming season may look like. Youth Open Practice will be from 3:30-5:30PM. 

Youth Team

Lead by Gord McArthur, a dedicated and experienced world-class competitor, during practice, team members will focus on performance skills, working through structured training plans and competition preparation.  Athletes will refine the physical, mental, and technical aspects of performance, leading them to a sense of readiness as a competitor.

Through one-on-one coaching and group integration, we’ll address personal goals and encourage opportunity…in the gym and in life.  Beyond Arq, we want to give youth a chance to take the skills they learn in the gym into the community, with respectable attitudes, strong work ethic, and a positive approach towards others.

With our training area, conditioning and strengthening exercises will be introduced. Team members will be given the option to compete in local, regional, and national  competitions, with facilitated registration and travel organization.   All members will receive 10% discount in our retail area and 20% discount towards personal training.

Note: if you are interested in joining ARQ’s youth team, there is an open skill assessment on TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 5 from 330-530PM. 

Ages 10-17

$160monthly for ARQ Members
  • Tuesdays & Thursday • 3:30-5:30PM

Train, learn, prepare, commit. 

These words guide us, help us, and teach us to be better, not just as competitors, but as people too.

Adult Team/Open Coaching

As with your youth team, so is the adult team.  Coached by Gord McArthur, world-class competitor for Team Canada, every athlete will have the chance to refine their skills, growing, learning, and being lead into the world of competition.  From the basics to the in-depth, members will train through specific programs that will give them performance skills and competition preparation.

Competitors aren’t obligated but encouraged to compete in at least 2 tour de bloc competitions, and as many local/regional competitions as possible.  Athletes that are under 19 are welcome to compete in the adult category as well as junior category.  Each member of the team will receive 10% off in our retail shop and 20% off towards private instruction/coaching.

Note: if you are interested in joining the adult team, please talk to our front desk staff to get signed up! Payments and booking may be done online, but only if you purchase the entire year at once. If you’d like to sign up for EFT or post-dated cheques, you will need to contact us at 250.489.0620 or talk to our staff on your next visit!

17 and up

$100monthly for ARQ Members
  • Tuesdays • 6:30-8:30PM
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Meet our coach… 

Gord McArthur has been competing on the world cup circuit of ice climbing for over 7 years.  Throughout his career, he’s accomplished the title of North American Champion, earned a respectable 4th place at a world cup, performed at the Sochi Winter Olympics (demonstrating ice climbing), and continues to represent team Canada in pursuit of a world cup gold medal.  His experience in competing, training, and preparation has been brought into Arq, where he’ll be able to share and teach his skill sets with team members.  Although a nice guy, he’s no stranger to dropping the “hammer” with dedication to trying hard.