After years of planning, preparation, and fine tuning, we’re finally going for it.  Along with myself, Gord McArthur, and Fraser Bowden, we’ll soon be opening ARQ Mountain Centre.  A climbing gym that’s multi-faceted, providing an alternative form of exercise…through climbing and general fitness.  Geared towards the youngest of ages (2 years old) through to…well…you can be as old as you want…but I promise…you’ll still enjoy ARQ.

Currently we’re in the process of finalizing a few details, but rest assured, very soon we’ll reveal our building, exact location, and things like brands that we’ll be working with, and programs we’ll be offering.

As we’ve published on Facebook, our main focal points of the facility are climbing/bouldering and the kids area.  Specifically, the kids area is going to be a huge hit.  Outfitting this space will create opportunity from the ages of 2-10 or…even as an adult, this kind of space makes me want to act like a kid again.  It’s going to be fun, educational, and most of all…give kids the chance to move, learn, exercise, and grow physically, all the while in a controlled, safe environment.  As this space develops, we’ll be sharing our direction.

ARQ is for you, and you’re entire family.  Whether with yoga classes, general fitness, climbing, bouldering, or letting your kids go crazy in the fun zone, and all the while holding a fresh coffee in your hand, our facility is designed so that all of you can have fun, relax, and enjoy the community of like minded people.

Within the next couple of weeks, we’ll have updates, news, visuals, and lots of other cool things to share.  But for now, sit back, and enjoy the idea of what’s to come.